Video Poker Resources

Published material on video poker strategies is highly variable in quality. Some is accurate; some, while inaccurate, is close enough to keep you out of big trouble; and some is wildly wrong and/or just plain incomprehensible. Anything written by Lenny Frome or Stanford Wong is bound to be good. Mr. Frome writes a video poker column for a weekly gambling newspaper. His book America's National Game of Chance - Video Poker is a collection of some of those columns and I highly recommend it. He also has a short pamphlet Expert Video Poker for Las Vegas and a home page on the Web. The much more detailed book Mastering Joker Wild Video Poker by Bradley Davis is also good, although he, like Mr. Fromme, recommends the "save the joker alone" play in many more cases than I think is correct. I believe both of them use a slightly flawed methodology to make their calculations. The net returns they give are also off by small amounts, I believe.

Here are some video poker related items I have found on the Web:

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