Lotspiech.com, LLC
Content Protection Consulting

Jeff Lotspiech is a well-known expert in content protection technologies, with over 50 patents in content protection and in other areas. The patents include the key patents for the Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM) technology, which have been licensed by over 130 manufacturers with over 400 million devices manufactured as of year-end 2005.

Lotspiech has been involved in the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) since its conception. This is the copy protection system that has been adopted by the DVD Forum for the new generation of high-definition (blue laser) DVD discs.

After over thirty years of service with IBM, Lotspiech retired and is now working as a content-protection-industry consultant. He lives in Henderson, Nevada, and can be reached at jeff@lotspiech.com.

This site contains explanatory information on CPRM and AACS, for the benefit of adopters and potential adopters who are looking for a framework in which to understand the necessarily dense official specifications.

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