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Jeff Lotspiech's Video Poker Page

I have spent more years than I care to admit playing video poker and running my computer program to analyze the optimal strategy. I have written a free short article and several one-page "cheat sheets" which show what to hold and discard for several video poker variations:
Deuces Wild
Double Deuces Wild
Jokers Wild
Five Wilds
Double Bonus

Click here for an explanation of the notation used on the sheets.

The strategy sheets are in Adobe's "PDF" format. Adobe provides a free PDF viewer; click to go to their download page.

Did you know that you can play for free at an online casino with a no deposit bonus to top it all!

Other Goodies!

I have an online video poker training program.
I am trying to maintain a list of the whereabouts of machines with good payouts.
I have a partial list of interesting video poker links on the Web.
I have a "gambler's ruin" calculator, a Java applet which will let you estimate your chances of walking away a winner at video poker for a given initial stake.
I have tables of the precise return for various video poker payoffs.
I have a page with the mathematical details containing an explanation of how my strategies were calculated.



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